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This 364 Day Calendar 
has many similarities
to the Calendar in
The Book of Enoch and
fragments found at Qumran.
e.g.  Nisan 14 is on Tuesday
Seasons start Monday 21st
in Jan, April, July, October


The Birth of Jesus - October 20, 5 BC

Sunday October 20 – Creation Day 7 in 5 BC (BR) is the Day that Jesus was born in Bethlehem. This date is also the 7th Day of Creation Week in 4115 BC (BR). To see how this date was arrived at go to the explanation page regarding Daniel's Prophecy. The same Day on the Gregorian-Hebrew Solar Calendar (GH) is Sunday November 3   Heshvan 13 in 5 BC. It is important to note that in the Year of Jesus' Birth, the numbers of the Years are the same for the 364-Day Bible Reference Calendar (BR) and the Gregorian and Julian Calendars. At the time of Creation, there were 14 more years on the BR Calendar. When it becomes 2010 AD on the Gregorian Solar Calendar, it is 2017 AD on the Bible Reference Calendar. In about 42 Years, the 364-Day Bible Reference and Gregorian Solar Calendars will be exactly 7 years plus 1 week apart and in sync with your desktop calendar. Since Creation, there are currently 21 more years on the BR Calendar than the Gregorian Calendar.

Wednesday December 11 – Kislev 22 in 5 BC,
52 Days after the Birth of Jesus, "wise men from the East came to Jerusalem, saying "Where is He who is born King of the Jews? For we have seen His star in the East and have come to worship Him"(Matthew 2:1-2). These Magi or Wise Men were probably from Medo-Persia and considered to be the most important "King Makers" in the Eastern World. To be a King in Persia you had to meet two requirements. Not only did you have to be appointed by the Magi, you had to master the Science and Religious Disciplines of the Magi. These Magi had come to Worship the New King. These Magi were probably descendant's of the Magi who were influenced and trained by Daniel during his Captivity in Babylon (Daniel 2:46-49). Some historians have claimed that the Magi might have been escorted by as many as 1,000 armed Persian Cavalry. We can tell from Scripture that the Wise Men were not following a Star until after they left Jerusalem and were headed for Bethlehem (Matthew 2:9). They had seen some form of God's Shekinah Glory, similar to that which guided the Israelites in the days of Moses (Ex 13:21), that had led them to Jerusalem. They probably assumed that they would go to Jerusalem and the Jews would surely know where the Messiah had been born. It seems clear that only the Wise Men saw the Star that guided them to the home of Joseph, Mary and Jesus after they had been directed to Bethlehem by the "chief priests and scribes" (Matthew 2:4). The notion that the Star of Bethlehem was a supernova or comet that was seen by everyone has no support in Scripture. Jesus, Mary, and Joseph leave for Egypt. The Magi also leave and do not report the location of Jesus to Herod (Matthew 2:12-15).  The power and prestige of the Magi seemed to fade rapidly after this event.

Friday December 13 – Kislev 24 in 5 BC is one of the worst Days in the history of Israel. Herod the Great "was troubled, and all Jerusalem with him (Matthew 2:3), when the Wise Men were looking for the "King of the Jews." "King of the Jews" was the title that had been given to Herod the Great in 40 BC from Rome. When the Magi do not return with the location of one born "King of the Jews," Herod orders the execution of "all the male children who were in Bethlehem and in all its districts, from two years old and under" (Matthew 2:16). The Birth of Jacob occurred exactly 2,000 completed years before this event on the same date in 2006 BC (BR). When Jacob is 130 Years old, he takes his family and joins Joseph in Egypt beginning 430 Years of Captivity. Judgment had come to Israel again. Three months after this event on March 13, 4 BC on a Julian Calendar, Herod the Great died according to Roman Historians. According to some sources, the dates on the Bible Reference Calendar in 5 BC appear to be the same or maybe 1 day different than the dates on the Calendar in Jerusalem at the same time. It appears by some sources that October 20 was Tishri 20 in that same year on the Jewish Secular Hebrew Calendar. The deadline to register for the Census may have been Heshvan 1 just 10 days later after the Birth of Jesus on a Jewish Calendar. This Roman deadline for the Census may also have been the start of a new year and could account for the heavy crowds in Bethlehem.


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