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This 364 Day Calendar 
has many similarities
to the Calendar in
The Book of Enoch and
fragments found at Qumran.
e.g.  Nisan 14 is on Tuesday
Seasons start Monday 21st
in Jan, April, July, October


Noah’s Ark and The Flood: Genesis Chapters 6-11

The events of The Flood and Noah’s Ark begin with the Death of Methuselah on Friday September 13 – Tishri 1 in 2458 BC (BR). Noah’s Family enters the Ark 47 days after the death of Methuselah’s on Wednesday October 30 – Heshvan 10 in 2458 BC (BR). This same day on the Gregorian-Hebrew Solar Calendar (GH) is Wednesday March 19 Adar 29, 2449 BC. Genesis 7:11-12 tells us that 7 Days later, on Wednesday November 6 – Heshvan 17, it began to rain “for forty days and forty nights.”

The covering on Noah’s Ark is removed the following year according to Genesis 8:13 when Noah is 601 years old. The Bible refers to this event as occurring on "the first day of the first month." This event on Noah’s Ark happens exactly 1 year after the Death of Methuselah on Friday September 13 – Tishri 1 in 2457 BC (BR). The Gregorian-Hebrew Solar Calendar (GH) date for this same event is Friday January 30 Shevat 9 in the year 2448 BC. On the 364-Day Bible Reference Calendar (BR) September 13 is always a Friday and is always Tishri 1 on both the Genesis and Exodus calendars. Genesis 11:10 tells us that Arphaxad, grandson of Noah and son of Shem, is born “ two years after the flood” on Saturday September 14 – Tishri 2 in 2456 BC (BR). This date would be 2 years after the Death of Methuselah which triggers the start of the events of Noah's Flood. On the Gregorian-Hebrew Calendar, the birth of Arphaxad occurs on Saturday January 30 Shevat 9, 2447 BC (GH). The Birth of Arphaxad ends the events of The Flood and Noah’s Ark. The events of Noah's Ark, also known as The Flood, are found in great historical detail in The Old Testament Book of Genesis.


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