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For Your Information

This 364 Day Calendar 
has many similarities
to the Calendar in
The Book of Enoch and
fragments found at Qumran.
e.g.  Nisan 14 is on Tuesday
Seasons start Monday 21st
in Jan, April, July, October


                         What is this Bible Timeline?

A personal message from Jim Liles – Author of this Bible Timeline

 Welcome to my web site. When you view the "Galaxy" and "Simply Light" Timeline posters you are looking at a one-page summary of over two years of research. This research will continue as I plan to date as many Biblical events as possible. I also plan to put this information in many languages.  As I complete different sections of Scripture, I will add the information to the web site to expand the information and data. This is an ongoing research and the web site will be updated as new dates are calculated for the many events of The Bible. All of the dates and calculations are made from information found in the MacArthur Study Bible. The year of the Exodus in 1445 BC is used as the anchor year for all calculations of events. Using the years and months given in The Bible, almost every major event can accurately be dated backwards from the The Exodus to Creation. The events from The Exodus to Daniel's Prophecy and the events of the Life of Jesus can also be known with accuracy. The dates found in this Bible Timeline are consistent with many known dates in secular history and are consistent with Scripture. The dates given in this Timeline are NOT consistent with dates using sources outside the pages of The Bible .  The Timeline's amazing display of God’s Sovereignty is seen as irrefutable proof that the very Words of The Bible are inspired by God.  


Featured Items

Earth's Sacred Calendar Book PDF-The Dated Events of the Old Testament
Earth's Sacred Calendar Book PDF-The Dated Events of the Old Testament

USD $6.95

1,200 Plus Dates Chronology<br>Receive 32 Page Adobe-PDF file<br>New & Old Testament.
1,200 Plus Dates Chronology
Receive 32 Page Adobe-PDF file
New & Old Testament.

USD $2.85

Simply Light Bible Timeline Poster-10th<br>Edition PDF Download with Gregorian<br>Dates of same event on 364-Day Calendar
Simply Light Bible Timeline Poster-10th
Edition PDF Download with Gregorian
Dates of same event on 364-Day Calendar

USD $2.85

Ussher Comparison Chart PDF Download File Side-by-Side Bible Chronology Errors Explained
Ussher Comparison Chart PDF Download File Side-by-Side Bible Chronology Errors Explained

USD $2.85

FREE on Home Page<br>Adobe Download with Scripture<br>364-Day Creation and Exodus calendars side-by-side<br>over 45 Scripture References
FREE on Home Page
Adobe Download with Scripture
364-Day Creation and Exodus calendars side-by-side
over 45 Scripture References

Excel Download with Poster Dates<br>Bible Reference and Solar dates<br>Scripture Verses for Poster Dates
Excel Download with Poster Dates
Bible Reference and Solar dates
Scripture Verses for Poster Dates

USD $2.85

Excel Download of the Kings of Israel<br>End-to-End Reigns Dates<br>only 2 short overlapping reigns<br>Only Uses Numbers in Scripture
Excel Download of the Kings of Israel
End-to-End Reigns Dates
only 2 short overlapping reigns
Only Uses Numbers in Scripture

USD $2.85


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© Copyright 2014 All Rights Reserved.
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