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This 364 Day Calendar 
has many similarities
to the Calendar in
The Book of Enoch and
fragments found at Qumran.
e.g.  Nisan 14 is on Tuesday
Seasons start Monday 21st
in Jan, April, July, October


A Bible Commentary With 364-Day Calendar
Earth's Sacred Calendar
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Bible Timeline & Gregorian Dates
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James Ussher’s Dates Compared
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The Age of the Earth and the Bible Timeline has moved to This transition will be complete at the end of December of 2014. This new site is a WordPress site with additional information and products. On this site you will be able to ask questions about this unique Bible Timeline research and get commentary on specific text in Scripture. This Bible Timeline research concludes that the "first day" of Creation Week starts on the Gregorian calendar on Sunday October 21, 4101 BC at 6:00 p.m. in what is now Israel. This exact moment in time starts Monday October 14 - Creation Day One in 4115 BC on a Jewish Hebrew 364-Day “sacred” calendar. This 364-Day calendar is called “sacred” because it is totally derived from the numbered years in the text of Scripture. In October of 2014, the real age of the earth is 6,014 solar years according to the Bible. The Biblical text clearly states there are 4,096 solar years from Creation Week in 4101 BC until the birth of Jesus in 5 BC. The Bible chronology dates available on these web sites were calculated by Jim Liles over the past eight plus years using only the numbered dates given in the New King James Version of the MacArthur Study Bible.
      All of the exact and estimated dates used in this Timeline of the Bible until the Exodus are based on information found in the Old Testament Book of Genesis. The remaining Bible events are also dated from the Book of Exodus until the events of Easter Week in 30 AD found in the New Testament. The year of 1445 BC, the most accepted year of the Exodus, was used as the Anchor Year for the entire Bible Timeline. The Author of this Timeline of the Bible hopes you will enjoy exploring this unique research and gain a greater understanding His Sovereignty. When you grasp the obvious fact that only the God of the Bible is in control of everything, there is no excuse for you to be anxious or worry about anything unless you do not belong to Him! The Bible is very clear that if you do not believe in the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Joseph and acknowledge Jesus the Christ as Messiah and Lord, you have a great deal to be worried about for a very long time.

Easy to Use   The 364-Day Bible Reference Calendar-Consistent with Scripture
                    *FREE-Click link below to View and Print the 364-Day Calendar.  This Calendar shows the  months & days at Creation and the 6 month change at the start of the Exodus.

This Bible Timeline Calendar assumes a 364 day year in The Bible. The Days of Creation Week from Sunday-to-Sunday plus the 356 days of the Hebrew Calendar make up the 364-Day Bible Reference Calendar (BR). The dates and days of the week on the BR Calendar are the same day of the week every year. The calendar shows the months & days at Creation and the 6 month change at the start of the Exodus.    Learn More About The Calendar >>

FREE: See and Print the 364 Day Bible Calendar.   Click Here >>

   Ussher's Dates Compared                 Biblical Text Years
                      3,999 Solar Years                       4,096 Solar Years

                       4004 BC to 5 BC                          4101 BC to 5 BC

Click Here to See Ussher's Dates Chart >>

Click here to order the Ussher Comparison Chart >>

   "The Beginning" of Creation Week - Genesis 1:1-2:3

Sunday October 13, 4115 BC (BR) is “The Beginning” of Creation Week with 2 calendars starting 14 years and 7 days apart. The Gregorian Calendar date, for this same event at 6:00 PM, is Sunday October 21, 4101 BC. At 6:00 PM in Israel on Sunday it becomes the start of Monday October 14 on the Hebrew Calendar and the start of Day 1 of Creation. The Days of Creation Week are not on the current secular Hebrew Calendar and occur between Tishri 30 and Heshvan 1.

Learn more about the events of Creation Week >>

   Noah’s Ark and The Flood - Genesis Chapters 6-11

Friday September 13 – Tishri 1, 2458 BC (BR) starts the events of The Flood and Noah’s Ark with the Death of Methuselah. Noah enters the Ark 47 days later on Wednesday October 30-Heshvan 10 in 2458 BC (BR). Seven days later, on Wednesday November 6 – Heshvan 17, it begins to rain “for 40 days and 40 nights.” The covering on Noah’s Ark is removed on the “first month, the first day of the month” according to Genesis 8:13. This date is Friday September 13 - Tishri 1 in 2457 BC (BR). The Gregorian date of Noah removing the Ark Covering is Friday January 30, 2448 BC. This date would be the beginning of The Ice Age.

Learn more about Noah's Flood >>

   Joseph in Egypt to The Exodus - Genesis 47:9 To Exodus 12:41

Wednesday January 9 – Tevet 20 in 1875 BC (BR) is when Jacob tells Pharaoh he is 130 Years old. This date is also Joseph’s Th birthday as he was born on January 1 – Tevet 12 in 1914 BC (BR). Moses is 80 years old on Friday April 4 – Nisan 17 in 1445 BC (BR). On this same date, Israel makes camp at Succoth the first day out of Egypt at the time of the Exodus. This date is exactly 430 years and 86 days after Jacob arrives with his family to join Joseph in Egypt. The Exodus start date is the Anchor Date and Year for all other Bible Timeline calculations using only dates and information given in Scripture.

Learn more about Jacob and Joseph in Egypt >>

   King Solomon’s Temple Begins – I Kings 6:1 and II Chronicles 3:2

Sunday May 18 – Sivan 2 in 965 BC (BR) is the start date for Solomon's Temple in the Fourth Year of his Reign. On this same date 480 years before, Moses climbs Mount Sinai for the first time in the second month of the Exodus on Sunday May 18 – Sivan 2 in 1445 BC (BR). The Gregorian date of this same event is Sunday September 8, 962 BC. Four days later, God speaks to the Nation of Israel from Mount Sinai. This event on Thursday Sivan 6 marks the start of what would be called Pentecost in 30 AD.

Learn more about King Solomon's Temple >>

   Babylonian Captivity - 70 Years of Exile

On Monday July 21 – Av 7 in 526 BC (BR), the Babylonian army enters Jerusalem and starts burning the Temple according to 2 Kings 25:8-9. The Gregorian date for this same event is Monday May 14, 524 BC. The battle is over 3 days later on Thursday July 24 – Av 10 as stated in Jeremiah 52:12-16. This date marks the end of the Reigns of the Southern Kings of Israel along with the destruction of Jerusalem and Solomon’s Temple. Jeremiah 25:11-12 tells us the Babylonian Exile will last for 71 years until “70 years are completed.” The end of the Exile is the start date of Daniel’s “70 Weeks Prophecy.” 

Learn more about the Events of the Exile >>

   474 BC-Daniel's has vision of "70 Weeks" Prophecy – Daniel 9:1-27

Monday, July 21 – Av 7 in 455 BC (BR) marks, the start date of Daniel's 70 Weeks Prophecy, the end of the Exile in Babylon, and the Th day of rebuilding of the Jerusalem Wall. This is the most likely start date for the events described in Daniel 9:1-27. The Gregorian date is Monday February 16, 453 BC. Daniel's Prophecy ends 483 years and 40 weeks later on Monday April 28 – Iyar 11, 30 AD (BR) beginning the events of Easter Week. This day is Monday April 1 – Nisan 10, 30 AD on the Gregorian-Hebrew calendar (GH). Jesus enters Jerusalem on this first day of the Feast of Passover. On this day the Lamb is chosen to be sacrificed on Passover on Friday Nisan 14 in 30 AD as instructed in Exodus 12:2-3.

Learn more about "Daniel's 70 Weeks" >>

   The Birth of Jesus - Sunday October 20 - Creation Day 7, 5 BC

Sunday October 20 – Creation Day 7 in 5 BC (BR) is the Day that Jesus was born in Bethlehem. The Gregorian-Hebrew Calendar (GH) date is Sunday November 3 – Heshvan 13, 5 BC. In the Year that Jesus was born, the numbers of the years on the 364-Day Bible Reference Calendar (BR) and the Gregorian Calendar were the same but 14 days apart. From Day 7 of Creation Week on Sunday October 28 – Heshvan 7, 4101 BC (GH) until the Birth of Jesus, there are 4096 solar years that are completed. This number exactly matches the number of years stated in Scripture. The precise dating of these two historical events is the foundational mathematical error in all other current Bible Chronology.

Learn More about the Birth of Jesus >> 

   The Baptism and Life of Jesus and Easter Week

On Sunday September 8 – Elul 25 in 26 AD,
Jesus walks down to the River Jordon and is baptized "at about thirty years of age" according to Luke 3:23. This event starts the 42 months of His Public Ministry. On the Gregorian-Hebrew solar calendar, Jesus starts Easter Week by entering Jerusalem on Monday April 1 – Nisan 10 in 30 AD. This is the start of Passover and the day the sacrificial Lamb is chosen. Jesus is crucified on Friday April 5 – Nisan 14 which is the day the Passover Lamb is sacrificed according to Jewish Law stated in the Book of Exodus. The 364 Day calendar of Scripture is connected to the Gregorian-Hebrew calendar because Nisan 14 Passover always falls on April 5 in a non-leap year. The Ascension of Jesus happens 40 days after the Resurrection and is the last date in Scripture that can be precisely dated.

Learn more-Baptism and Life of Jesus and Easter Week >>

   5 Years+1 Day Rule - Used to Measure Bible Dates and Events

When calculating dates of Births and Deaths and other major Biblical events, simply add 1 day from the starting event for every 5 years. By adding 1 day to the Bible Reference Calendar (BR), for every 5 years of time that passes, almost every significant event in Scripture, from Creation to the Ascension of Jesus in 30 AD can be calculated with precise accuracy.

Learn more about dating events in Scripture >>


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